About The Brand

 WearPeach is a high-fashion creative jettison translated into wearable RTW. Specializing in outerwear, we push to create garments that provide maximum functionality without needing to sacrifice our very singular aesthetic.

 Our primary objective is to weave tradition and globalization harmoniously, to create outputs that are inherently Filipino with a global stage in mind. We hope to one day foster a community of tribal weavers through continuous collaboration between their art and our brand. It is a testimony that the beauty of designs and patterns crafted by these skilled artisans not only defines our past but also adds depth and color to our future and future wear. 

 WearPeach is owned and operated by PR Design Studio. Besides our designer, our atelier houses 5 skilled workers. Respectful collaboration and creative cultivation are the two main pillars of our culture. We aim to embody these principles with every garment we so meticulously and lovingly produce.